International Staffing

Worldwide Staffing Solutions

Management Recruiters of Traverse City can help you negotiate the intricacies of the international business community, source and recruit the best talent, and develop appropriate compensation packages.

MRI International Services

Through our network of MRI offices around the world, we provide comprehensive staffing services for your international needs.

Executive Search

We recruit top-level, senior-executive candidates with backgrounds matched specifically to key positions using a retained search approach.

Management Search

We recruit candidates for key mid-management and professional positions.

Compensation Consulting

We can recommend appropriate compensation levels for specific job categories around the world.

Interim Staffing

We can place executives, managers and professionals in high-level interim assignments. Knowledge is power as worldwide business opportunities increase, our clients benefit from working with the knowledgeable international staffing experts in the global MRI network. Through this network, we can answer your sensitive questions, advise on strategic planning issues and deliver first-hand information on complex international business issues that affect your global staffing picture. It's just one more reason to use the power of MRI as the exclusive source for all your staffing needs.