Client Services

Our Search Process and Services

Our goal is to be your recruiter of choice. We do this by offering value added services that make your staffing efforts less complicated and far less expensive; and exceeding your expectations.

Planning and Research

  • Taking an assignment to us means thoroughly understanding your organization's goals, challenges, needs, history, culture and how the scope of the assignment fits into that model.
  • Together, we define each assignment clearly with a mutual understanding of the unique requirements and timeframe.
  • We review our sources, including our proprietary database. We analyze target industries. We initiate confidential discussions with candidates. We research competitors, industry resources, referrals, and the MRI network.

Candidate Contact

  • When we contact candidates, we represent your opportunity in a confidential manner to determine level of interest, and evaluate qualifications and personal suitability.
  • We then professionally present your company, the position objectives and responsibilities and how the submittal, interviewing and selection process will unfold.

Presentation of Candidates

  • Only the most qualified candidates are presented for consideration.
  • We provide you with the candidates' employment history, completed reference checks as well as our professional appraisal of their all-around suitability for your company and the position offered.
  • We assist in the scheduling and monitoring of the interview process.

The Decision and the Offer

  • You make the ultimate decision on the best candidate for your organization, but we offer our insight and counsel to help facilitate communications on salary terms, benefits and relocation. This includes answering questions that may arise and arranging subsequent meetings if necessary.
  • When a clear candidate choice is made and an offer is extended, we navigate the final steps in the placement process.
  • We assist and advise the candidate in resigning their present position, including dealing with counteroffers.

Ongoing Relationship

  • Our goal is to deliver candidates who will contribute to your goals and impact your organization positively. We maintain contact with you to ensure a smooth transition.