Resigning Gracefully

You've been highly professional during the interview process and have landed the job. Now it's time to be just as professional in resigning from your current employer. Make an appointment with your manager and prepare a brief letter of resignation. Your MRI account executive can help with the wording. View examples of resignation letters. During the meeting, calmly and concisely explain your decision and make it clear it is final. Retain your poise if the meeting becomes tense. Burning bridges is not an option.

Be wary of a counter offer. While it may be flattering, there can be drawbacks. Is the counteroffer a ploy for your employer to avoid short-term inconvenience? Will your career track remain blocked? Will you still be reporting to a person you distrust? Will your responsibilities be expanded? Have others who've accepted counter offers in your company been fairly treated?

If your answers to any of these questions are not clear, then it's time to move on. Remember, your first decision is most likely your best decision. If a counteroffer puts you in a dilemma, contact your MRI account executive for advice.

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