Candidate Services

Working with MRITC

Our Process

Before you choose a recruiting firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. Our client companies assume all service charges. We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process as we conduct each confidential search:

Initial Resume Review will include

  • Confidential evaluation of your skill set
  • Discussion of professional background and future goals
  • Evaluation of your credentials against current and reoccurring client needs
  • Compensation and availability assessment

Interview Coordination

  • MRITC will act as the liaison between you and our client companies to arrange mutually-convenient interview times
  • Your MRITC recruiter can share valuable insight with you on the company and individuals you are about to interview with

Interview Analysis will include

  • Pre and post-interview discussion on how closely the prospective company and opportunity lines up with your professional priorities
  • Pertinent interview feedback
  • Scheduling and preparation for subsequent interviews

Offer Coordination / Start Date Confirmation

  • Coordinating your job offer and acceptance

Resignation and Counter Offer Consultation

  • Your MRI recruiter will guide you through the resignation process, particularly when faced with pressure of a counter offer from your current company

Ongoing Follow-Up

  • Your recruiter will be available to assist you throughout the transition to your new company