Meet Our Team

Mary Barker
Phone:(231) 947-8000

Mary has been a member of the MRI organization for over 35 years. She spent her first 12 years in the business as a recruiter for the Lansing MI MRI office. She was promoted to manage a division of the office and at the time she was the youngest manager in the MRI system. Mary specialized in I.T. placement. She was a perennial Pacesetter and developed a very loyal clientele.

In 1987 she opened her first MRI franchise in Battle Creek, MI. The second office was opened in Traverse City, MI in 1994. Mary has managed the offices to award winning status and is dedicated to upholding the highest ethics and standards of the industry. She believes that the hard work and solid ethics she enforces equates to satisfied clients and repeat business. Mary is proud that her office has consistently ranked in the top percentile of all MRI offices nationally, and that she has trained and managed several recruiters to Pacesetter status.


Mary has been an outstanding supporter of MRI for the past 37 years and is well known in our system as an upstanding corporate citizen.
A Fellow MRI Franchise Owner

Mary was an excellent mentor who taught me a how to be a successful recruiter in an industry full of "paper shufflers." Mary was always there to answer my questions as well as assist and support my goal of being the best recruiter I could be. I worked for Mary for over 11 years and she was instrumental in changing my life for the better.
SR. VP Healthcare Recruiting